Echo is a new Melody

Asboon is an eight piece band, formed in 2007.

Asboon is; Hazrol Shafiq as Main Vocal and Melody, Aiman Shabil on Keyboard and Melody, Iskandar as a Violinist, Cakun as a Bassist, Saufi As a Percussionist and Toys, Asyraf Azizi and Ahmad Mazwan on Guitars and Backup Vocals, Razlan on Drum and Percussions.

Asboon already recorded 2nd demo which contains five songs. Asboon 1st Demo includes ‘Langit Biru’ and ‘Burn Baby Burn’ has been sold out in just 2 weeks after release in 200 copies.

Asboon genre are Pop Rock and Asboon has been known as one of the best DIY stuff. You will never consider Asboon as an ordinary band. Asboon has been playing almost 30 shows around Malaysia mostly in Kuala Lumpur.

on november 2012, Asboon changed their name to Echo and consists Hazrol Shafiq as a main vocal, Aiman Shabil as a Key man, Asyraf Azizi as a Main guitars and backup vocals, Ahmad Mazwan as a 2nd Guitars, and Razlan Shah as a Drummer.

now they are recording a new songs and will be out next year.

so stay in touch.

How to contact Echo? Just drop us your email at asboonisaband[at]


AKAR Januari & GIG 101

AKAR Januari

Date/day: 7th January 2011 (Friday)
Time: 8.00 pm - 12.00 am
Venue: Laman Budaya, Shah Alam (MAP)
Admission: Free
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1. Andi A. Merican
2. Asboon
3. Azreel Azhar
4. Otam & Ika (The Married)
5. Benjamin Hasni
6. Adzim Shahabudin
7. Tri


1. Fahmie Freakmie
2. Mosyuki Borhan
3. Bob Cincinsuasa
4. Kerusi Sepi


1. Wani Ardy (KIV)
2. Fynn Jamal (KIV)


1. Hikarimoji Lights Graffiti (photography exhibition&demo)

GIG 101

Date/day: 9th January 2011 (Sunday)
Time: 4.00 pm - 7.00 am
Venue: Gudang Noisy, Ampang (MAP)
Admission: RM10
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The D.I.A
The Rootstalk
Dear Haidar
Flip Fall 90's
The Dramatic

See you guys there!